London Bus

Corporate Goal

Using the London Bus and other specialty buses from around the world, LBAJ (London Bus Association of Japan) provides services ranging from management consulting to mediation for importing buses.

  • Promotional Consulting / Operation

    Consulting for promotional activities using London Bus, and specialized operation of specialty buses.

  • Event consulting

    Consulting for events which use London bus and other buses

  • Bus rentals

    Renting various specialty buses
    (feel free to inquire about rentals of one day or more.)

  • Advice and support on import procedures and passing Japanese vehicle inspections.

    We can help with the process of importing vehicles and passing vehicle inspections.

・Do you want to use London Bus for events to attract customers?
・Do you want to promote your community (town, city, region, prefecture, etc) using a an eye-catching vehicle?
・Do you want to use London Bus or other unique buses in daily operation?

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