A word from the Representative Chairman:

There has been an ever-increasing need to discover and develop a core that can concentrate the experience and intelligence of various related industries, that can meet the needs of outbound visitors, and through ongoing development and sophistication, contribute to our country’s future economic growth, and to concentrate the intelligence and experience associated industries which make up this core.

In order to meet these explicit needs but also to discover hidden potential needs and solicit to them, our country, low in resources necessary for primary and secondary industries, must create new economic added values. It is my hope that by establishing London Bus Association of Japan I can take an organic and active role in this endeavor.

It is my goal to find the connections tying businesses and public institutions, and to increase the “centripetal force” of practical intelligence between borderless business opportunities. I hope for your encouragement and support in our new enterprise.

Kazuhiko Ogawa, Representative Chairman

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